How to start a conversation 
with your parents or guardians

You might feel quite (or very) awkward about telling your parents/guardians about this site, especially if this topic isn’t something you talk about in your family.

However, just because they don’t talk about vaginas and vulvas openly, doesn’t mean they don’t want you to learn about them.

As this site shows photos of vulvas, discharge and pubic hair, your access might be blocked, so your parents/guardians will need to add us to the list of safe sites. Here are some tips on how to ask them:

  1. Find the right time and place

    Try to catch them at a quiet moment, when they’re not busy, otherwise they might get distracted or not listen to you properly.

  2. Explain what this website is for

    This is an educational website, created to help you learn about vaginas and vulvas. We’ve used photos of real-life bodies, because it’s important to show you that bodies come in all different shapes and sizes.

  3. Be clear about what you need

    It’s easy to get flustered and lose our point when we’re nervous. Have a question in mind, so you don’t walk away from the conversation without achieving your goal.

    For example: “Please can you unblock this educational website for me?” or “I’d like you to add this educational website to the safe list.”

  4. Reassure them nothing’s wrong

    If your parents/guardians are concerned about your reasons for wanting to learn about the body, explain that you just want to educate yourself.

If your parents/guardians don’t give you access…

Don’t feel bad, you did nothing wrong by asking. You have a right to learn about real-life bodies. If you don’t know what to trust online, try asking a trusted teacher at school, who should point you in the right direction.

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